Alan Utz & Associates, Inc. is an organization that was slowly developing when I was but a child.  The work ethics and integrity present within AU&A is a direct product of my parents.  I was taught respect, the rewards of quality work and to maintain the utmost standards in anything I took on.  

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We approached the formation and growth of AU&A similar to that of an orchard. If you want trees that yield the best fruit you must plant the finest seeds.  We have done just that by surrounding ourselves with some of the construction industries best professionals. Our team members play an active role in the success of AU&A, Inc., not by just drawing a paycheck, but by working to form a future.  Their dedication is self evident in the long hours each individual gives while striving towards our goal of nothing less than excellence.

Since 1981, Alan Utz & Associates, Inc. has provided
exceptional service to a variety of clients in both public and private sectors,
including fuel, retail, municipal, medical, educational and athletic facilities.
AU&A is a Texas based corporation, established in 1981.  We have consciously avoided the temptation to become a large impersonal organization.  Despite our relatively small size, we are able to provide the same sophisticated services as those provided by large construction firms and do so in a more personal, efficient, cost effective manner. herxt.
Growing up, I felt this burden placed on me was much too great. However, with age and experience, I learned that this was not a burden rather a well founded plan to success.   My deep rooted values have been spread throughout Alan Utz & Associates, Inc. in each and every aspect of our company.  We have created a general contracting company unlike many others. AU&A has been built on a foundation of ethics, loyalty, passion and commitment to our clients.  We enjoy working with clients who share these same values and want a General Contractor that treats them as a partner.
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